Salutem Supplements, the company behind Arterial Formulation and AF-8, was borne out of science. The science surrounding an amino-acid called L-Arginine - commonly referred to in the USA as the miracle molecule.

Our Mission
To deliver a premium, yet affordable, product that improves and supports the well-being of a person’s cardiovascular system – which in turn reduces the severity of a variety of ailments, thus creating a higher level of general health. To contribute to the growth of a company that recognises the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and allows extension of benefit to all involved. To make a difference and leave a legacy.

Our Vision
Approximately 18 million people a year die globally from cardiovascular disease. The world’s number 1 killer. Salutem Supplements vision is to play a part in healing and prevention – to support a healthier humanity.

Our Team
The team behind Salutem Supplements have backgrounds in medicine, nutrition, cardiology, healthcare and supplement manufacturing. It is a name that can be trusted.

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